MonkeyFist™ Dyneema Soft Shackles - The Safe Recovery Alternative

Date Posted:14 December 2018 

Carbon Winches MonkeyFist™ Dyneema Soft Shackles - The Safe Recovery Alternative


$35.00 Discount including FREE SHIPPING when you buy a pair of MonkeyFist Dyneema Soft Shackles.




Doing a tow or snatch recovery can be dangerous especially when you include heavy metal d-shackles in the mix which have proven many times to be lethal missiles when something in the recovery setup fails. Soft shackles are really a no-brainer when it comes to safe recovery techniques. 


Why should you consider a Carbon Winches Dyneema Soft Shackle?


A massive 14 tonne breaking strain Dyneema Soft Shackle!

All Carbon Winch Dyneema Soft Shackles are independantly tested right here in Australia to meet or exceed the minimum advertised breaking strain of 14 tonne.


The only Dyneema Soft Shackle in the world with a tight braided sheath!

Yes our Dyneema Soft Shackles have a high abrasion proof nylon braided sheath. This is to protect the Dyneema fibres that carry the load from rubbing or getting cut on recovery points


Our Carbon Winch Dyneema Soft Shackle weighs on average only 240gm! Compare that to a steel bow shackle and you are way ahead in weight savings. 

Comes in it's own storage bag!

Keep your gear organised and clean and tidy. Our dyneema soft shackles come in their own individual storage bags! 



A multitude of connection options

Connect your winch rope to a tree protector, A snatch strap or rope to your vehicle. You can even use the dyneema soft shackle to run around a chassis rail or rock slider for a side pull or to pull a car back on it's wheels. 


$35.00 Discount including FREE SHIPPING when you buy a pair of MonkeyFist Dyneema Soft Shackles.

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