KTI PLB EPIRB - Personal Locator Beacon - Compact SA2G - Inc case and signal mirror

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Safety-Alert PLB and its case
Outdoor enthusiasts now have access to the latest in cutting edge Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) technology with the new 406 MHz SafetyAlert PLB from KTI.

Setting an unprecedented world standard in PLB design and performance, the new KTI SafetyAlert is compact, fast and reliable. Ideal for bushwalkers, four wheel drivers, cross country skiers and small aircraft pilots, the KTI SafetyAlert PLB is the ultimate global rescue link for people who want peace of mind in the outdoors.

Built to replace the popular KTI RB3 beacon, the new 406 MHz SafetyAlert harnesses the more accurate 406MHz COSPAS-SARSAT satellite frequency to deliver pinpoint detection accuracy and faster rescue response times.

The KTI SafetyAlert leads the world not only in design and technology, but breaks new ground in efficiency with a class leading 10 year battery life. Ultra-low current circuitry and low-loss antenna system delivers performance that exceeds the COSPAS-SARSAT requirements of 24 hours continuous transmission at -20°C.

For premium performance the KTI SafetyAlertPLB is GPS equipped with a location accuracy of down to 3.0 metres. The GPS receiver is coupled to a chip style antenna which provides high sensitivity together with superior resistance against detuning by nearby objects.


  • Size: Compact, lightweight design
  • Antenna: Marine grade stainless steel, flexible, multi-position
  • Buoyancy: Self buoyant – no need for external flotation aids
  • Strobe: High intensity photo-flash LED
  • Activation: Simple one-hand activation
  • Carry Pouch: Camera style carry pouch with belt loop
  • Lanyard: Detachable with pictorial instructions and whistle
  • Mirror: Supplied with high reflectivity mirror
  • Warranty: 10 year parts and labour


  • Frequencies: 406.040MHz and 121.500MHz (homing signal)
  • Battery: Non hazmat LiFe02, 20 year shelf life, 10 year replacement
  • Weight: 140g
  • Size: 88mm x 64mm x 31mm
  • Accuracy: Limited only by COSPAS-SARSAT system
  • Approvals: COSPAS-SARSAT T.001 class II TAC 255, AS/NZS 4280.2
  • Protocol: Programmable to all applicable COSPAS-SARSAT message formats
  • Strobe: Greater than 1cd, 20 flashes per minute


  • 66 channel receiver
  • 5 minute position updates
  • accurate to 3.0m (CEP50)
  • Cold start acquisition time < 35 seconds typical
  • Chip style antenna design, highly resistant to detuning by nearby objects




1. Our current charge for battery replacement and overhaul is AU$154.00 including GST. Please note, this may change in 10 years time. 
In the event that one of our PLBs is activated in a genuine emergency we offer to replace the battery free of charge.
Note that we can only replace the battery if the beacon is returned to our factory. All freight costs are the responsibility of the beacon owner.

2. We recommend that PLBs are returned to our factory for testing after they have been activated because activation reduces battery life. We will replace the battery and run other tests on the PLB to ensure it is fully operational before returning it to the customer. In the event that one of our PLBs is activated in a genuine emergency we offer to replace the battery free of charge. 

3. The Safety Alert PLBs and EPIRBs transmit high power signals on the COSPAS-SARSAT 406 MHz frequency.  Unlike GPS signals, these signals are not readily affected by heavy rain, hail, fog, cloud, tree canopy or atmospheric conditions. Under extreme conditions the GPS within the beacon may not be able to achieve a rapid position fix, however the internal GPS is a secondary system and the COSPAS-SARSAT system can independently locate the beacon. The low power homing signal is transmitted on 121.5 MHz and this frequency is also very robust in challenging environmental conditions.
There are two environmental issues that can impact beacon signals:-
1) The beacon cannot transmit signals from under water.  This includes packed snow, so if activated in heavy snow precipitation then the beacon should be periodically moved back on top of the accumulating snow.
2) The beacon cannot transmit signals from underground.  In the case of a deep canyon the window of visibility to satellites will be reduced and to improve detection, if practical, it is better to position the beacon towards the top of the canyon.

4. Search and rescue operations are coordinated internationally and the beacon can be detected anywhere in the world. As a general rule beacons can only be registered with the same country as coded in the beacon. 
Our Safety Alert PLB has been approved by the COSPAS-SARSAT secretariat, the international administrator of the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite network. Many countries have additional local requirements and our products have not been assessed or approved to any requirements specific to those regions.
Our PLBs can be factory coded with any COSPAS-SARSAT listed country code together with manufacturer-assigned serial number. You should seek advise from your local Search and Rescue Authority to determine if their registration database accepts PLB coding with manufacturer-assigned serial number and to determine an appropriate country code to use.
Additionally, customers that are travelling overseas should contact their airline to gain explicit approval to carry this product on the aircraft. Each airline may have their own policy regarding if and how the PLB may be carried.  

Two other common question that you may receive are: 

1. Questions regarding PLB self-test function

We are finding that occasionally some customers are pressing the TEST button for longer than they realise when trying to conduct a Self Test. To initiate a Self Test, press the TEST button for only 1 second (until the red LED illuminates) then release. 

We are also finding that some customers have been trying to test their beacon whilst the antenna remains wrapped around the beacon.  It is important to understand that the Self-Test function performs many diagnostic tests including the radio signal amplifiers and the transfer of radio signals to the antenna. If the antenna is wrapped around the beacon or if the antenna is close to large metal objects then the transfer of radio signals to the antenna will be compromised and the beacon is likely to fail Self-Test.
When conducting a Self-Test ensure that the antenna is upright and more than 1 metre away from large metal objects. Ensure also that your hand and other body parts are not touching or close to the antenna.
If you are correctly initiating a Self test and the beacon continues to fail when the antenna is correctly positioned then the product may have developed a fault and should be returned to our factory at 1 Kembla Street, Cheltenham, VIC 3192.  We will inspect and repair or replace the product as quickly as practical.

2. Questions regarding PLB water immersion/waterproof rating

Our Safety Alert PLB is designed to not leak water at depths significantly exceeding 3m, however immersion beyond 3m will impose severe external pressure on the push-button switches and at around 5m the switch contacts may be activated, giving rise to power loss from the battery.

Our PLB is rated waterproof to a depth of 3 metres for one hour.  All exposed metal components are marine grade stainless steel and the exposed plastics are designed for marsh environmental conditions. This being said, any plastic material is very slightly hygroscopic and if expected to be in direct contact with salt water for prolonged periods it wouldn't hurt to use a resealable plastic bag as an added measure.
Impact with water at high velocity can generate extremely high forces and repetitive, direct impact can work against the PLB enclosure seal. Carrying the PLB in the supplied protective case provides excellent protection from repeated direct water impact.

Unfortunately Cospas-Sarsat have dictated the wording to be used in our instruction manual. Other brands of PLB were approved by Cospas-Sarsat at a time when a manufacturer could choose their own instruction manual wording. 

Airline Carriage

Numerous customers have advised us that they were allowed to carry their Safety Alert PLB's as carry-on baggage.
However, we do recommend you contact your airline to gain explicit approval.

The critical information that you may require should be covered by the following points:-
    Our EPIRB product contains lithium batteries comprising a total of less than 8g lithium.
    Our EPIRB product does not contain any Sulphur Dioxide - SO2
    The total capacity of our battery is approximately 36 watt-hours of energy.
    The battery cells are individually insulated, internally fuse protected, secured within the product and protected against short-circuit.
    The product containing the battery is water-proof.
    The product is protected against inadvertent activation by means of a switch interlock mechanism.

We suggest you discuss the above data with your airline for their approval.


Barcode # 9345775000031
Brand KTI
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg


Personal Locator Beacon Compact SA2G

By: on 19 March 2018
Fantastic bit of kit. Becoming essential for outdoor pursuits all over the world. We used it for Sea Kayaking, bushwalking & other activities. So small & lightweight & easy to use. My 5 year old knows how to set it off. Will never venture off the beaten track without it. I hope I never get to test it. Excellent value for money.

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