Radflo Suspension

Radflo Suspension

Today's marketplace offers more choices than ever before. New brands are constantly emerging, while established names attempt to recapture your attention. With so many choices available, you may be wondering what advantages Radflo has to offer. Actually, we're glad you asked!

From the materials used to produce each individual component, to the final assembly procedure, Radflo employs the highest quality standards at all times. For larger manufacturers and high volume products, the temptation to save money on materials and production is often impossible to resist. When you choose Radflo products, you can rest easy because we always place quality before profitability. No exceptions!

Simply put, Radflo customers get more for their money. Just because we don't charge as much as our competition, don't believe for a moment that we deliver less. In fact, we believe you will find our products to be comparable – if not superior – to those available from the most respected names in the industry.

As a supplier to the OEM, aftermarket suspension manufacturers, and some of the most successful racing teams in the world, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to make your suspension perform better than you ever thought possible. Radflo customers around the world have used our shocks to achieve success in virtually every type of application you can imagine. Motorcycles, drag racers, street rods, trophy trucks, even open wheel race cars... if it has a suspension, we have the solution.

Call us old fashioned, but we believe superior customer service is still the cornerstone of any great company. While other manufacturers rely on virtual customer service representatives and automated call handling systems, Radflo does not. When you call us, you'll always be greeted by one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives who are eager to assist.

Our highly qualified technical support staff is ready to help you with any service related issues that you may require. They take great pride in responding to your needs with efficiency and diligence. Even when your warranty has expired, you can still count on our support team to provide a fair resolution to any technical matters that may arise.


Radflo products are warrantied to only the original purchaser of the shocks free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of initial purchase. This excludes rubber shaft seals/leaks which are not a warranty item, due to high exposure to the elements we cannot warrant these seals. All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original sales receipt and a clear description of the problem. Radflo Suspension Technology’s obligation under this warranty covers repair or replacement of any part found to be defective, and it reserves the right to all final warranty or non-warranty decisions. 

Radflo Suspension Technology does not warranty any damage that has occurred when: 

The product has been abused, misused or improperly installed 
The product has been improperly disassembled, reassembled or serviced 
The product has been altered, modified or fitted with non-factory parts 
The product has been improperly lubricated or filled with non-factory oil 
The product has been damaged by collision 
The exterior finish has been damaged by chemicals or corrosive cleaners 
The product has been damaged or lost during shipping (full value insurance is recommended)

KPD4X4 will supply spares locally. Warranty cover is limited to the shocks, coils and their components only. Any removal, rebuilding and fitting labour costs are at your expense. So rather than waste hundreds of dollars shipping back and forth from the USA we can supply the components if covered under the warranty free of charge and you can rebuild them yourself or we can arrange rebuilding at a few locations around Australia.